Dear Lemur Community,

This is Dog here. Recently, if you view the metadata, you may notice a new message on it instead of your Lemur. I apologize for your losses-- both financially and for any time invested. To be blatant and straightforward, Elliot (aka Cat and @Devil on Instagram) refused to pay myself, and had intentions to scam all of you.

This project is now, by definition, considered a rug pull. I understand my apologies don't make up for the failure, but I hope you will see my perspective and why I have decided to revoke access from Elliot to the only things I owned (the domain lmfao).

In response to Elliot's Announcement on Discord:
He will make his side of apology look heroic and shit. Regardless he is slimy af and not to do business with. Elliot (aka Cat and @Devil on Instagram) is a lying and manipulator. And btw, literally all the mods fuck w me.



Oh and heres the data you claim you dont have